• Hi there!

    My name is Elijah S. Ramirez. I am a 21 year-old Dreamer and writer with a passion for storytelling. Originally from the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, I grew up believing in making my dreams a reality. Whether it was expressed through writing or film, the stories I created began to take shape. In the summer of 2007, I moved from the cityscape of L.A. to northern Minnesota. It was then, that I began writing a novel that would shape the next seven years of my life.

    As a frustrated teenager, I desired a reality of my own. Pressured by the expectations of my teachers and society, I pushed myself to break free from the conventions that tied me to what they called reality. I accepted that I could no longer be a bystander and took the responsibility to use my voice to help influence others to follow and lead in their dreams.

    At the end of high school, I published my novel The Legend of Ertha as a testament of what can be achieved no matter how old you are. I was in pursuit of achieving my dreams, but I had left to face the reality of the emotions I had been suppressing for years. In 2015, I came out as gay/pansexual. The confidence I lacked for the majority of my youth was then gained, empowering me to continue moving ahead in my hope for the future.

    As an active vegan, pansexual person, environmentalist, and multimedia content creator, I believe that if just one person is inspired by my story, they can believe in their dreams just the same.

    Founded by Elijah S. Ramirez, ESR Multimedia is a platform intended to inspire positive action through storytelling.